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Humanities Institute


The UC Davis Humanities Institute is an interdisciplinary research center that supports UC Davis faculty and graduate students in the humanities and humanistically-oriented social sciences. Through its core programs – faculty research seminars and research clusters – as well as public events and such special initiatives as the Digital Innovation Lab, the California Cultures Initiative and the Art of Regional Change, the DHI works to develop and nurture interdisciplinarity, collaboration, engaged scholarship, and intellectual community among scholars at UC Davis and beyond.

The DHI advocates broadly for the humanities through membership in the UC Humanities Consortium, a system-wide network of humanities centers that, along with the UC Humanities Research Institute and the UC Institute for Research in the Arts, provides a wide range of financial and intellectual resources for scholars in the arts and humanities throughout the state of California. The DHI is funded by the Office of the President through the Humanities Consortium Multi Campus Research Initiative, the Dean of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies, the Vice Chancellor of Research, and the Dean of Social Sciences.

The DHI also participates in national and international networks dedicated to promoting and supporting the arts and humanities. The DHI is a member of the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), a prestigious federation of 70 national scholarly organizations; Imagining America, a consortium of over 80 colleges and universities that supports public scholarship and practice; the Western Humanities Alliance, an organization of universities in the Western U.S. and Canada; and the Consortium of Humanities Centers and Institutes (CHCI), which has a membership of 154 organizations in the US, Europe, Asia, and Pacific Rim.

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