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  • Arts Initiative Feature Stories
    As faculty assistant for the Arts Initiative, Laurie San Martin, associate professor of music, worked with an advisory board of arts faculty to develop a list of future projects and opportunities for collaborations among the arts. Among the group’s accomplishments was the creation of an Arts Initiative web page to announce and promote arts events on campus and the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students to produce articles and previews for the web site.
  • Faculty Research Seminars, 1997-2014
    One of the longest-running programs at the DHI, faculty research seminars have supported interdisciplinary engagement around a wide range of topics for more than 100 scholars since 1997.
  • Faculty Research Fellowships
  • The UC Davis Humanities Institute has inaugurated a new Faculty Research Fellowship aimed at helping faculty make progress on a major research or creative project. The purpose of the fellowship is to further the research/creative work of the individual recipients and to enable faculty within the humanities and humanistic social sciences to meet and work with colleagues in other disciplines and departments. Projects need not be “interdisciplinary” by definition, and awards are based on the scholarly merit of the individual applications. The fellowship provides recipients with a single quarter research leave.
  • Faculty Fellowship in the Creative Arts
  • Margrit Mondavi Fellows
  • PhD Unlimited
  • Human Rights Initiative
  • Mellon Sawyer Seminar
  • Research Clusters
    The UC Davis Humanities Institute currently sponsors nine research clusters. The research clusters provide a critical space for interdisciplinary research and collaboration not easily accomplished in a single department or program. Clusters are meant to facilitate exchange among faculty and graduate students in workshops, symposia, or mini-conferences, to encourage experimentation with new forms of collaboration within and beyond UC Davis, and to broaden the aims of faculty research in the humanities and humanistic social sciences. Clusters are awarded up to $5,000 annually.
  • Public Intellectuals Forum
    Seeking to build bridges between the academy and the community, between 2007 to 2010 this high-profile speakers series brought hundreds of Davis scholars and residents together at Bistro 33 in downtown Davis to hear from and talk with socially-engaged scholars about key issues for the 21st century.
  • Visiting Scholars
    Spurred by participation in the ACLS Recent Dissertation Recipient fellowship program coordinated through the Consortium for Humanities Centers and Institute, the DHI first opened its doors to visiting scholars in 2009. Profiles of current visiting scholars can be found under Research.
    Visiting Scholars, 2010-2011

    Visiting Scholars, 2009-2010

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