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Past Faculty Research Fellowships

Through the Faculty Research Fellowship the DHI aims at helping faculty make progress on a major research or creative project.  The purpose of the fellowship is to further the research/creative work of the individual recipients and to enable faculty within the humanities and humanistic social sciences to meet and work with colleagues in other disciplines and departments.  Projects need not be “interdisciplinary” by definition, and awards are based on the scholarly merit of the individual applications.  The fellowship provides recipients with a single quarter research leave.



Claire Goldstein

French and Italian

Comets in the Sun King’s Cosmos. Circulation and Epistemology in early modern France

Laurie Lambert

African-American and African Studies

Surviving Empire: Postcolonial Revolution and Trauma in the Caribbean

Lisa Materson 


American Nationalist: Ruth Reynolds and the Struggle Against the Colonialism in Puerto Rico

Kriss Ravetto

Cinema and Digital Media

Digital Uncanny

Henry Spiller


Bamboo Murmurs: Music, History and Place in Bandung, Indonesia




Xiaomei Chen

East Asian Language & Culture

Staging Chinese Revolution: Founding Fathers, Red Classics, and Revisionist Histories of Twentieth-Century Chinese China

Marian Schlotterbeck


Beyond the Vanguard: Grassroots Movements and the Making of Revolutionary Chile

Baki Tezcan

History and Religious Studies

Imperial Visions: Africans, Americans, Asians, and Europeans in the Early Modern Ottoman World

Cristiana Giordano


Migrants and Microbes. Life of the Immume Systems in Contemporary Europe

Rachel Jean-Baptiste


Mother Africa, Father France: Race, Sexuality , and Belonging in Twentieth Century Francophone Africa

Jeff Fort


Facing Death: Maurice Blanchot and the Ontology of Cinema



Seeta Chaganti
Medieval Dance and Poetry

Katie Harris
Proving Sanctity: Evidence and the Cult of Relics in the Early Modern Spanish Mediterranean

Danielle Heard
Mavericks of Masquerade: Comic Strategies of Post-Blackness

Katherine Lee
Dynamic Korea, Dynamic Samulnori: An Ethnography of a Transnational Percussion Genre

Suzana Sawyer
The Valence of Crude: The Intractable Lawsuit against Chevron in Ecuador

Tobias Warner
French and Italian
Aesthestics after Austerity: The “Work” of Literature in Neoliberal Senegal



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