2012-13 News Feature Stories

June 3, 2013:

UC Davis Chooses Team to Design New Classroom and Recital Hall

May 13, 2013:

Graduate Student Symposium Creates Dialogue on Indigenous Issues

Leslie Berlowitz Discusses Value of Humanities in Culture

April 29, 2013:

“Radical Interdisciplinarity” Fosters Debate on Future of Collaborative Humanities

April 22, 2013:

“Humanities in Circulation” Showcases UC Davis Faculty and Graduate Research

April 15, 2013:

Philomela and the Humanist Voice: A Perspective from DHI’s Interim Director

New Art Museum Gives UC Davis a “Once in a Lifetime” Opportunity

“Premodern Flesh | Posthuman Media” Links Middle Ages to Today

March 18, 2013:

Syracuse Chancellor Cantor Calls for Publicly Engaged Universities

March 4, 2013:

Scholar of Early Modern China Feels at Home at UC Davis

February 25, 2013:

English Department Hire Connects the Medieval to the Modern

February 19, 2013:

The Many Worlds of Discovery and Loss: The Art of Migration

February 11, 2013:

Wandering Stories: A Review of T&D’s Migration Performances

February 11, 2013:

Farming Activist Applauds UC “Global” Davis at Chancellor’s Colloquium

January 28, 2013:

Belafonte Talks with Students about Fusing Art and Activism

January 14, 2013:

Migration Music and Arts Festival Debuts at Mondavi January 30
Environments & Societies Winter Mellon Research Initiative Releases Winter Schedule

January 7, 2013:

Chaganti Steps in to Lead the UC Davis Humanities Institute
UCHRI Calls for Proposals for Newly-Launched Religions in Diaspora Initiative

December 10, 2012:

Architecture Meets Graphics for New Professor of Design

December 3, 2012:

ACLS New Faculty Fellow Seth Hindin Joins Art History

January 26, 2012:

Davis Humanities Institute Releases 2011-2012 Annual Report

November 19, 2012:

Hellman Fellowships Advance Humanities Research

November 5, 2012:

Grant Gives Reception Studies Room to Grow

October 29, 2012:

Environments and Societies Mellon Research Initiative Welcomes VAP Armstrong

October 15, 2012:

New Mellon Groups to Engage Digital Cultures and Social Justice

October 15, 2012:

Early Modern Mellon Group Opens with Hindle Event
“Beyond a One-World World”: Mellon Sawyer Seminar Commences

October 8, 2012:

The Art of Regional Change to Unveil Restore/Restory Project

October 5, 2012

UC Davis Faculty and Graduate Students Receive UC Humanities Network Grants

October 1, 2012:

Margrit Mondavi Supports HArCS Students
Pauline Yu Opens Chancellor’s Colloquium Series


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