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2018-19 Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Deadline: Friday, September 8th, 2017

Sponsored by: U.S. Department of State

Only Graduate Students are eligible for this grant, fellowship, or residency.

Program Description: up to one year of international funding for recent undergraduates and masters recipients and current graduates students. The Fulbright may be utilized to explore research interests, graduate or independent study projects, and/or English teaching opportunities in participating countries. The program purpose is to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills. Selection is based on the applicant’s academic or professional record, language preparation, the feasibility of the proposed study project, and personal qualifications. There are three basic kinds of programs as follows; however “Special Opportunities” also exist (see below):

-Full Grants provide round trip travel, maintenance, limited research allowance, and tuition waivers (if applicable), supplemental health insurance, possible language or orientation course for up to one year.
-Travel Grants provide round-trip transportation to the country of study, supplemental health insurance and orientation courses if applicable for up to one year.
-English Teaching Assistantships provide round trip travel, maintenance, and supplemental health insurance and orientation courses if applicable. ETA’s are not available in all countries. Please see participating summary area of the country(ies) you are interested in to see if the ETA is offered at http://us.fulbrightonline.org/about/types-of-grants/english-teaching-assistant-awards

Eligibility: Applicants must be a U.S. citizen at the time of application. Applicants must hold a B.A., B.S. or, if in the creative or performing arts, four years of study and/or experience, before the beginning of the start date of grant with exceptions as noted in the Fulbright Program web site. Applicants can be in any year of graduate study, but must not have completed their PhD before 10/11/16. All applicants must have sufficient proficiency in the language of the host country to communicate and carry out proposed study/research programs and be in good health. Applicants do not need to be enrolled, or plan on enrolling unless one is seeking to apply to for graduate study abroad. To be competitive for this program, UC Davis encourages applicants no more than 3 years from degree (or currently enrolled) to apply. UC Davis will work with alumina, no more than two year from degree and only if applicant can partake in an on-campus interview. Applicants who are more than 3 years from degree may apply as an “at-large” applicant (see Fulbright web site http://us.fulbrightonline.org/applicants/getting-started ).
Application Information | Campus Deadline
The application season opened April 3, 2017. Please also note the campus application deadline is September 8, 2017. All applicants must partake in a campus interview process to allow our Committee members to complete a mandatory evaluation form required by Fulbright. If you are an undergraduate or masters student graduating from UCD in 2017 and will not be in the area in September, you may forgo the campus interview and apply directly to Fulbright as an “at-large” candidate (see “Eligibility” section above). Applications are submitted through the Embark application web portal campus deadline.

Information Sessions | Advising
One-on-one advising with the Fulbright Program Advisors is only available to students who have viewed the webcast (below), attended an on-campus information meeting and/or reviewed the PowerPoint of the informational meeting as well as reviewed the country information on the Fulbright website of the country(ies) one are interested in applying to. Graduate student advising is generally available 9-11am, 1:30-3:30pm most days. Please request and time and date, and a confirmation will be sent. Undergraduates/recent undergraduates should contact Mr. Scott Palmer (see below).

Campus Fulbright Program Advisors:
Primary FPA and College of Agriculture graduate students through 6/26/17: Deborah McCook, dlmccook@ucdavis.edu
Non College of Agriculture graduate students: Maria Garcia, majgarica@ucdavis.edu
Undergraduate/Recent Undergrad Advisor: Scott Palmer, email: scpalmer@ucdavis.edu

SPECIAL PROGRAM OPPORTUNITIES (also see individual country summaries on the Fulbright website)
Fulbright-Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowships: Fulbright-Clinton Fellowships provide opportunities for U.S. citizens to serve in professional placements in a foreign government ministry or institution in partner governments. Please proceed to the Fulbright-Hillary Rodham Clinton Fellowship section for eligibility criteria and placement information.

Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowships: Offered for proposals to undertake an in-depth examination of a globally relevant issue or issues in one country, or in multiple countries, comparing and contrasting how that issue is experienced from one country to another. Please proceed to the Fulbright-National Geographic Digital Storytelling Fellowship section for additional program details.

Other Information/Guidance Sessions/Webinars

UC Davis Webcast from Info Meeting held March 7, 2013: http://webcast.ucdavis.edu/llnd/2615b271

IIE Fulbright Video Conference Regional Guidance Sessions and webinars for students are held at/via various regional offices as listed on the Fulbright website (closest office: San Francisco). The following webinars are posted (more to come, stay tuned to http://us.fulbrightonline.org/applicants/information-sessions ) IIE Staff will detail the program; regional alumni will also share their experience.

Deborah McCook, Senior External Fellowship Analyst & Fulbright Program Advisor
Fulbright U.S. Student Program Advisor (FPA), Office of Graduate Studies
250 Mrak Hall, University of California
Davis, CA 95616, Ph. (530) 752-0653, FAX: (530) 752-6222, email: dlmccook@ucdavis.edu
For funding and application processing information, please see our web site:

For more information please contact: dlmccook@ucdavis.edu

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