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2017 HArCS Graduate Summer Fellowships Call for Proposals

Deadline: Wednesday, April 26th, 2017

Sponsored by: UC Davis Humanities Institute

Only Graduate Students are eligible for this grant, fellowship, or residency.

The UC Davis Humanities Institute is pleased to announce a call for proposals for the HArCS Graduate Summer Fellowships for 2017. Through the generous support of the Vice Dean for HArCS and Alan Templeton, Class of ’82, we will award grants of $5,000 each to graduate students in Ph.D. and M.F.A. programs in the division of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies to support travel, research, workshops and other project-related work in the summer of 2017.

As HArCS Summer Fellows, awardees will be expected to submit a brief report to the Humanities Institute on the outcomes of the summer support. Fellows will also provide a poster for display at the Fall 2017 DHI Open House where they will be available to discuss their posters/projects and the impact the grant had on their creative work and/or research progress to date.

Proposals may fall into two categories:

Creative Arts: Students in the arts should address how the support will contribute to the genesis or continuation of a piece of creative work such as a musical composition, theatrical piece, visual art and the like. More broadly, the proposal should situate the applicant’s work in relation to the applicable field, describe its significance both in terms of his or her own artistic work and that of the wider field, and explain how the work relates to the applicant’s completion of a degree.

Humanities Research: Research applicants may be continuing graduate students in HArCS doctoral programs, and while students do not have to be ABD, the proposals should reflect a clearly defined research interest and justify the support in terms of future doctoral research. Applicants must also explain the significance of the project in relation to their field.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the merits of the work or project proposed. Applicants should make clear how the funds would be used, including an itemized budget that can include living expenses. [NOTE: Students completing their degree requirements in spring 2017 are ineligible for this award.]

Application Materials:
1. Project description (max. 500 words): Please include a breakdown of projected expenses, if appropriate. Creative arts students are encouraged to include a link to a website, displaying samples of their work as part of the application.
2. Curriculum Vitae (max. 2 pages).
3. One Letter of Recommendation (from dissertation adviser or major professor).

Applications will be accepted online at the following address: http://dhi.ucdavis.edu/funding-info/funding-application. Once your application materials are submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a link for your recommender to submit a letter of support. NOTE: Applicants should inform recommenders in advance of the due date that they must submit their letters by the April 26th deadline.

Application materials, as well as letter of recommendation, must be submitted by 5 p.m., on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Faculty in the arts and humanities will review the applications, and recipients will be notified by the end of spring quarter. Funding will not be dispersed until August 2017.

For more information please contact: DHI Program Manager, Amineh Helalian, ahelalian@ucdavis.edu

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