DHI Graduate Student Research Symposium: "Identity, Performance, Representation"

DHI Graduate Student Research Symposium: “Identity, Performance, Representation”

DHI Graduate Student Research Symposium: “Identity, Performance, Representation”

Posted: Friday, May 16th, 2008
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grs_logoFriday, May 16
8:30am – 5:00pm
Andrews Conference Room
2203 Social Sciences & Humanities Building
Event Flyer


8:30 – WELCOME: Carolyn de la Peña
8:45 – OPENING REMARKS: Lynette Hunter
9:00 – PANEL 1
10:30 – PANEL 2
12:30 – KEYNOTE INTRODUCTION: Jon D. Rossini
KEYNOTE PERFORMANCE: Mark Franko & Alessandro Rumie
The Place of the Voice in Historical Movement Practice KEYNOTE LOCATION: Althea Short Dance Studio, 185 Hickey Gym

2:00 – PANEL 3
3:30 – PANEL 4

PANEL 1: Superbodies & Deviants: Performing the Acceptable/Unacceptable Body

Moderator: Colin Milburn
9:00am – 10:20am

Sarah McCullough Cultural Studies
Performing the Natural Athletic Body: Discourses of Allowable and Prohibited Technologies in Sport, Abstract
Sylvie Bissonnette Performance Studies
The Cyborg Brain in Robert Lepage’s Possible Worlds, Abstract
Praba Pilar Performance Studies
Service of the Church of Nano Bio Info Cogno, Abstract
Terry Park Cultural Studies
Resident Evil: Seung-Hui Cho and the Asian American Terrorist, Abstract

PANEL 2: Performing the Self: Understanding the Individual in a Cultural Context

Moderator: Barbara Sellers-Young
10:30am – 11:50am

Denise Nicole Green Textiles & Clothing
From Ephemeral to Everyday Costuming: Negotiations in Masculine Identities at the Burning Man Project, Abstract
Naomi Adiv Community Development
Place-Based Community Arts: Exploring the Mission Arts and Performance Project, Abstract
Jennie Luna Native American Studies
Danza Mexica: A (Re)emergence of Xicana Indigena Identity, Abstract
Dylan Bolles Performance Studies
Archaeology of an American Bamboo Flute, Abstract

PANEL 3: Unbinding the Body: Sites & States of Alternative Embodiment

Moderator: Blake Stimson
2:00pm – 3:20pm

Micki McCoy Art History
Spontaneous Resistance and the Performance of Memory: He Chengyao’s Live Art, Abstract
Christopher Tong Comparative Literature
The Subject of Hong Kong in Fruit Chan’s Post-Hong Kong Trilogy, Abstract
Fei Shi Comparative Literature
O Fantasma: Thinking Through the Intersections of Animal Studies and Queer Theory, Abstract
Cathy Hannabach Cultural Studies
Flesh Wounds: An Ethics of Embodied Pain and Marina de Van’s In My Skin, Abstract

PANEL 4: Remapping Identity: Performing & Policing the Transnational Citizen

Moderator: Jaimey Fisher
3:30pm – 4:50pm

Ami Sommariva Cultural Studies
Hell in the Family: Policing Gender Identities in Ester Rebeca Shapiro Rok’s “From Belarus to Bolondron”, Abstract
Giovanna Montenegro Comparative Literature
Wladimir Kaminer’s Identity Deconstruction: Post-Soviet-Jewish-German Identity in Russendisko, Abstract
Zoya Stanchits Popova Comparative Literature
Nostalgia and Soviet Realities in Works by Wang Meng and Feng Jicai, Wolfgang Becker and Jiang Wen, Abstract
Daphne Potts Comparative Literature
Representations of Mapping—A Dislocated Algeria Mapped onto French Consciousness: A Comparison of Jean-Luc Godard’s Le Petit Soldat and Claire Denis’ Beau Travail, Abstract

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