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Cluster on Language Research present: Dr. Robert Bayley

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Cluster on Language Research present: Dr. Robert Bayley
March 8, 2017 1:10 pm
March 8, 2017 2:00 pm
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Time: 1:10 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: Voorhies 228

Professor Robert Bayley, of the Department of Linguistics at UC Davis, will give a talk entitled “Dialectology in a Multilingual North America”. All are invited to attend. A brief abstract is below:

The North American linguistic landscape provides rich opportunities for studies of language and dialect contact, not only between English and other languages, but also between the numerous dialects spoken in immigrant and minority language communities. Contact between minority language dialects is particularly common in Latino communities, where dialect contact may be found even in the same household, as Potowski (2016) has shown in a study of MexiRicans, children of Mexican and Puerto Rican parents. Other work documenting contact among Latino dialects includes Otheguy and Zentella’s (2012) study of NYC, Bayley et al.’s (2012) study of Puerto Ricans in Texas, and Ek’s (2005) work on a mixed Latino Pentecostal church in Los Angeles. This talk outlines recent work on contact between dialects of minority languages and offers suggestions for research that will enrich our understanding of language and dialect contact while taking account of our increasing linguistic diversity.

This event is sponsored by Cluster on Language Research, Davis Humanities Institute

For more information please contact: Aaron Yamada, aagyamada@ucdavis.edu

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