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PhD Unlimited Preview: Crafting a Project that Appeals to Employers Outside Academia

This Tuesday, January 31st, Meg Sparling and Lindsay Baltus, two doctoral candidates in English, will offer a workshop on how to craft a research project that will appeal to employers outside of academia. Given the current state of the job market, as well as the expectation that most candidates have Ph.D. in hand as well as an article in a well-respected journal BEFORE they apply for academic position, this talk should appeal to folks who cannot wait for the job market to catch up to their schedules.

As Sparling pointed out in a recent conversation, “we [graduate students] knew about the dismal career prospects in academia when we started our respective programs, but many of us still choose to avoid thinking about a career until we’re nearly done or even after the degree.”

While this approach helps quell the panic and despair that sometimes marks our time as graduate students, it can be detrimental to wait until we have that degree in hand. For those graduate students who do want to think about the career and the degree concurrently, and are interested in exploring every career avenue, there are few opportunities to do so.

With this in mind, Sparling said: “It struck me that I would have really appreciated event programming or something earlier in my Ph.D. program that allowed me to think creatively about building career exploration into my Ph.D. research from the very beginning.”

For those of us who have attended innumerable events meant to address the problematic job market, but have only left disheartened because the event focused on the cause rather than what to do, Sparling’s and Baltus’s workshop offers something more tangible: “concrete ideas about how [graduate students] can build career exploration into their dissertations.”

Event details

When: Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Where: 228 Voorhies
What: PhD Unlimited workshop with lunch, please RSVP to Becky Wilson, rjwilson@udavis.edu
Ph.D. Unlimited is a DHI sponsored group that provides information, networking, and workshops on non-traditional careers for graduate students in the humanities. Our next event, “Benefits of Publishing: Non-Academic Publishing for an Academic Career,” will be on March 14, 2017.
Cordelia Ross, DHI Graduate Student Researcher and doctoral candidate in the Department of English

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