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Event Procedures and Forms

To help ensure the smooth functioning of your events, DHI has developed these event procedures and accompanying forms. The guidelines cover many typical elements of event planning, but if your proposed event needs services not covered here, please contact us to discuss. You will need to designate one point of contact from your group for the entire event. DHI Event Coordinator Becky Wilson will help guide you through the event process. Contact Info: Becky Wilson, rjwilson@ucdavis.edu, (530)752-1254

Event Information

DHI Event Form

The event form provides DHI with the necessary information to begin planning and evaluate the needs and services for your event. This form needs to be completed at least six weeks prior to your event when possible. Please note when arranging for services, you do not have the authority to sign on behalf of the University for any third party services (i.e. catering, hotels, chair rentals, etc.).

Room Reservations

Room reservation requests should be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the planned event. Room scheduling can become difficult, particularly for larger groups or events. Many of the campus rooms that provide sufficient seating and media support for larger events are also used by other campus groups and are booked well ahead of time. The cost to use each space varies by location and duration of event.

The DHI Conference room (228 Voorhies) is equipped with video conference capabilities and can accommodate 10-25 people. Research Clusters can reserve the space at no charge. DHI also has access to other free space including 126 Voorhies, 2203 SS&H, and the Art Annex.


-Approved Caterers List http://www.cevs.ucdavis.edu/dept_cont/caterers/

Only currently approved/registered caterers may cater events on campus and must be registered when your event occurs. Many spaces also require an approved caterer to be used for alcohol service. When considering the cost of catering services please consider additional costs for service and delivery. Once you select a caterer and a menu, please provide the information to the DHI coordinator who will arrange services and payment for your event.


An alcohol permit is required any time that alcohol is served on campus. Please note that a minimum of ten business days are required for review/approval. The alcohol permit guidelines that give instructions on how to submit your application are found here: http://www.cevs.ucdavis.edu/Public/content.cfm?CONTENT=61

Once obtained, forward a copy of the approved permit to the DHI coordinator.


Publicity is an important part of any event. The DHI coordinator can arrange for printing of posters or other materials through Repro Graphics. A poster with information about your event will need to be submitted to the DHI coordinator along with a sign-in sheet from your event including the names and affiliations of those that attend. We Recommend that you also place your event on the DHI Event Calendar. By doing this a link to information about your event will also be included in our weekly newsletter. To place your event on the DHI Event Calendar, follow the link below.


If you would like us to share with our social media followers you will need to send us the event poster, links or other event information to include.

Guest Speakers

When you invite a guest to speak at an event, you may choose to pay an honorarium and/or reimburse for travel and accommodations. When you schedule your guest, be sure that your offer is in compliance with UCD policies and that you explain clearly the terms of the offer to your guest. The DHI coordinator can help you decide what is allowable. Please note: Honoraria cannot be paid to UCD faculty or employees. All emails to your guest regarding the trip need to be cc’d to the DHI coordinator.


The DHI coordinator will arrange airfare and lodging for your guest. For more information regarding travel and entertainment policy and procedures, please visit http://travel.ucdavis.edu/.

Please keep in mind that you can only be reimbursed for your own travel expenses and may not pay for the travel expenses of your guests.


It is recommended that airfare be booked through the Connexxus online travel service.  This allows airfare to be billed directly to the university through CTS. Guest travelers will need to provide the DHI coordinator with personal information (via email) in order to set them up as a Non-Employee Traveler before any travel arrangements are made.


Hotel arrangements are booked by the DHI coordinator with area hotels at the UC-negotiated room rates. To book a room, please provide the guest name, arrival & departure time, and any special accommodations needed.


If it is more economical for your guest to drive to UCD, mileage can be reimbursed from the departure address to the destination. (Online mapping is used to calculate the miles between points.) The standard mileage reimbursement rate is currently 54₵ per mile. Drivers must have license information and liability insurance. Certain policy stipulations apply, so talk with your DHI coordinator if your guest would prefer to drive instead of fly.

Airport Shuttle/Car

Transportation between the airport and UCD campus should be arranged by the guest traveler and reimbursed after the event. A list of local companies offering services can be provided upon request.


In order to process the honoraria payment, the guest will need to provide a current, signed W9 form (found here). The faculty director of the research cluster will need to sign an Honoraria Request Form (provided by DHI coordinator) in order to approve payment.

International Guests

If your workshop intends to invite any international guests or non-U.S. citizens to speak at an event or conference, there is additional paperwork required to process payments of honorarium or travel reimbursement. Honoraria payments cannot be approved unless the visitor has a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) in addition to a proper visa classification. General information and forms can be found on the IRS website at: http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/General-ITIN-Information

International guests will also need to visit http://accounting.ucdavis.edu/glacier/ to complete all online tax compliance forms.

Audio Visual Equipment

A small selection of audio visual equipment can be checked out from DHI to use at your event. All equipment must be picked up by a member of your group and promptly returned at the scheduled time. Please contact Elliott Pollard (eapollard@ucdavis.edu) to reserve equipment and schedule training (day of event/technical support is not available).

Items include:



Video Camera


Audio Recorder


If any additional A/V equipment is needed, the DHI coordinator will assist to rent through ATS. Pricing and services through ATS can be found here: http://ats.ucdavis.edu/equipment_loan.cfm

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