Jews and Muslims Together: Seeing from Without, Seeing from Within

Jews and Muslims Together: Seeing from Without, Seeing from Within

Event Date: Friday, April 30th, 2010

Time: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location: Visitors Center

Jews and Muslims Together: Seeing from Without, Seeing from Within

Research on Jewish histories of the “non-Western” world, also known as Sephardic HIstory, has reached new levels of sophistication in recent years. Historical inquiry has crossed fields and bridged geographical divides, complicating the conventional categories that used to frame Sephardic studies. Post-modern thinking has also influenced scholarship in this area, bringing about the elision between mainstream historical empiricism with other disciplines such as social and cultural anthropology, literary theory, and new forms of textual criticism. Yet a comprehensive survey of new themes, approaches, and areas of inquiry has not taken place, leaving open questions about the present topography and future shape of the field.

Building on the strengths of an unusual concentration of talent in the area of Sephardic studies in the UC system, the History Department at UC Davis will sponsor an international symposium on April 30, 2010, that will bring together a group of 15-20 scholars who identify themselves as scholars of Sephardic history, culture and society to discuss the state of the art. Each participant would report on his or her own recent scholarship as a specific example of where the field is headed. Collectively, participants will then discuss and evaluate the material presented with the aim of sketching out a more precise map of what constitutes Sephardic studies today.

Each invitee will be asked to present a short (20 minute) summary of a specific research project that demonstrates a methodological or thematic innovation, a challenge to received wisdom, or an unprecedented use of source material. While the argument might vary from presentation to presentation, the thrust would be similar; namely, to highlight concepts and approaches that are innovative. The presentations will be followed by discussion and comments. Participants will be asked to brainstorm and propose activities to take place within the framework of an ongoing program of cooperation and exchange.

This event is sponsored by Middle Eastern/South Asian Studies, Jewish Studies, History, Amado Fund, and Davis Humanities Institute.

For more information please contact: Susan Gilson Miller,

Center for History, Society, and Culture Davis Humanities Institute

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