Unstable Geographies: Global Transfer in the Long, deep, and Wide Eighteenth Century

Unstable Geographies: Global Transfer in the Long, deep, and Wide Eighteenth Century

Application Deadline: Friday, February 18th, 2011

Time: 12:10 PM – 1:30 PM
Location: Andrews Conference Room, 2203 SS&H

In this installment of the Humanities Institute’s Conversations in the Humanities series, an interdisciplinary panel will discuss recent directions in eighteenth-century scholarship and their implications for the future of the field. As attention to transatlanticism, globalism, and cosmopolitanism continues to remap the domain of eighteenth-century studies, the era is increasingly referred to as not just long, but also deep and wide — an approach to eighteenth-century texts and culture that transcends conventional disciplinary, generic, and historical boundaries. This approach has proven to be both productive and problematic for the field. While the paradigm of expanding dimensions has yielded compelling new work on the “global” eighteenth century, it also raises questions about what is lost in the turn away from the regional, local, or disciplinary focus. Participants in this conversation will consider the promise and challenges of new approaches to the eighteenth century, including the current focus on objects and material culture, the rethinking of the political, explorations of cosmopolitanism, and questions of historiography.

Panelists include:
Karen Hiles, Assistant Professor of Music at Muhlenberg College
Alessa Johns, Associate Professor of English
Chris Loar, Assistant Professor of English
Julia Simon, Professor of French
Yulian Wu, Ph.D. Candidate in History

This event is free and open to the public. Feel free to bring a lunch; coffee and dessert will be provided.

This event is sponsored by the UC Davis Humanities Institute.

For more information please contact: http://dhi.ucdavis.edu/?page_id=6444

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