Remembering Revolution in Latin America: an interview with Pilar Calveiro

Remembering Revolution in Latin America: an interview with Pilar Calveiro

Application Deadline: Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

Time: 5:10 PM – 7:00 PM Location: Olson 53A

As part of a seminar that will bring UC Davis graduate students into dialogue with their peers from the Masters in Cultural Studies Program at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogota, Colombia, we present public interview with Pilar Calveiro, a survivor a political violence from Argentina and now a distinguished author and professor of Political Science in Mexico. Calveiro has written two definitive books, one a revisionist history of the revolutionary era in Argentina, and the other an assessment of the dynamics of concentration camps as they functioned during the Argentine dictatorship. Professor Michael Lazzara will interview Calveiro in a round table format with the help of two colleagues, Maria Rosa Olivera Williams (University of Notre Dame) and Monica Szurmuk (University of Buenos Aires).

This event is sponsored by Department of Comparative Literature, Graduate Group in Cultural Studies, The Hemispheric Institute on the Americas, Program in Human Rights, Latin American Studies Research Cluster

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