Faculty Fellows in the Creative Arts

Faculty Fellows in the Creative Arts 

Inaugurated in 2015, the UC Davis Humanities Institute has established the Faculty Fellowship in the Creative Arts. This award supports faculty interest in pursuing creative work, particularly in the six campus arts departments and programs: Music, Design, Art Studio, Creative Writing, Theatre & Dance, and Cinema & Technocultural Studies.  The purpose of the fellowship is to further the creative efforts of the individual recipients, including but not limited to musical compositions, the visual arts, and creative writing.  The recipients are invited to share their work with the DHI Faculty Research Fellows in their weekly workshops.

2016-2017 Creative Arts Fellow

Darrin Martin (Art Studio)
“Listening In…” Darrin-Martin
Associate Professor Darrin Martin’s project “Listening In…” is a multi-channel media installation that activates the archives of Charles Graser, a deaf research subject who helped foster advances in cochlear implant technology. Rather than a straight-forward documentary, “Listening In…” will create an immersive environment that incorporates synchronized sound and video projections to consider multiple modes of access to Graser’s records, while investigating various ways of communication as mediated through technology. Simultaneously, the installation will grapple with the inherent problems of description to articulate personal experience through spoken word, text, and sign.

2015-2016 Creative Arts Fellows

Helen Koo (Design)
Designing Wearable Technology for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Assistant Professor Helen Koo seeks to design and develop wearable technology for individuals on the autism spectrum.  Through her research, Koo has found that there has been a substantial increase in the rates of autism spectrum disorders.  Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are developmental disorders including difficulties with social interaction and communication.  People with ASD have trouble understanding their emotional changes and how to self-regulate in social situations.  For her interdisciplinary project, Koo will design wearable technology.  The clothing (embedded with fabric-based sensors) will help people with autism understand their physiological and emotional changes within themselves.  Thus the new fabric technology will help to increase self-regulation in the life of a person with ASD.

Larry Bogad (Theatre & Dance)

Economusic: Keeping Score

Associate Professor Larry Bogad will develop a performance piece that transforms economic data into music in an audience-participatory, mock-concert format.  Economusic uses data sonification and physical comedy to illustrate and embody information that, often seem too abstract, confusing, or frankly boring to audiences.  The Economusician character (developed and played by Bogad) will provide a playful vehicle exploring economic issues and dynamics.  The audience will experience climate change,growing inequality, and the prison-industrial complex in a haptic, kinesthetic way as they hum or sing along with the artist while following the scores on a projection screen.

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