Book Chat: Julie Sze - Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger
Book Chat: Julie Sze - Environmental Justice in a Moment of Danger

Wed, Feb 10, 2021 @ 5:10pm - 6:00pm

Call for Proposals: 2021-22 Faculty Research Fellowships

phd unlimited event

PhD Unlimited: Crafting Your Graduate School Story for Employers

Tue, Jan 19, 2021 @ 12:00pm - 1:00pm


This event has passed. Please view it here on our YouTube channel.

Join this workshop to learn how to craft the story of your graduate school experience for potential employment beyond academia. Bethany Hopkins, Senior Career Advisor at the UC Davis Internship and Career Center will guide you through a process for communicating all that you’ve done in a humanities, arts, or social science graduate program into a coherent narrative that emphasizes your unique skills and capabilities.

PhD Unlimited is a monthly series on graduate careers from the UC Davis Humanities Institute, which takes a broad approach to professional development tailored to the needs of master’s and PhD students in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences.

2020 mellon public scholars showcases

Mellon Public Scholars Virtual Project Showcase

Watch the videos created by the 2020 Mellon Public Scholars based on their summer research. From poetry workshops and participatory journalism projects to cultural burns with Indigenous Californians and a graphic novel about the lives of trafficked Filipinx teachers, the 2020 scholars have collaborated with their community partners to create transformative summer projects. 

View the 2020 Virtual Project Showcases

The Arts, Cultures, and Designs of Remediation

Cluster Highlight

The Arts, Cultures, and Designs of Remediation: a Trans-college Research Cluster

As an interdisciplinary group of scholars, scientists, artists, engineers, community workers and activists, we gather around questions of remediation to deepen our understanding from across our various situated disciplines, and to develop strategies for responses that are holistic in their approach. The group plans to undertake a community-sourced building project in Winter/Spring 2021, where it will crowdsource the materials (kombucha leather and mushroom paper) for a mobile public altar to be installed in Davis in May/June 2021. The crowdsourcing project will be accompanied by a series of zoom workshops. For more information on the cluster and its activities, click here.