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Ussama Makadisi - Age of Coexistence: The Arab Before Sectarianism

Dr. Ussama Makdisi is Professor of History and the first holder of the Arab-American Educational Foundation Chair of Arab Studies at Rice University.For AY 2019-2020, Professor Makdisi is a Visiting Professor at the University of California at Berkeley in the Department of History.

  • Conference Center, Ballroom A
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David Ohannessian and the Armenian Ceramics of Jerusalem: How War, Forced Migration, and Resilience Led to the Creation of an Iconic Art

The brilliant blue-green glazes of Jerusalem’s Armenian pottery have become a distinctive feature of the Holy City, but the origins of this iconic art spring from the historic ceramics center of Kütahya, in today’s northwest Turkey, and are entwined with the genocide of Ottoman Armenians during t