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Podcast Support Grant, 2021-2022

The 2021-22 UCHRI Podcast Support Grant is an 18-month award that supports UC faculty in developing podcasting skills and producing a public-facing podcast series on an issue of pressing contemporary concern.

Working Through Upheaval: Affiliated Scholars Grant, 2021-22

The 2021-22 Working Through Upheaval Affiliated Scholars Grant is an 18-month award that supports UC PhD alumni who plan to pursue academic positions in 2021-22, and who do not currently have an institutional affiliation, or who are in adjunct positions with less than 50% appointment and for less

NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication

Through NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication, the National Endowment for the Humanities and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation jointly support individual scholars pursuing interpretive research projects that require digital expression and digital publication.