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Humanists@Work Graduate Career Workshop-Silicon Valley

Author Micah Perks reading
The Presence of the Past in a Future-Facing China

Dana Luciano, "Love and Death in the Anthropocene: Affect, Genre, Moby Dick"

Janet Bishop: Matisse/Diebenkorn at SFMoMA

UCD Food Evolution Movie Screening
Ian Campbell, “Knowledge and the Ends of Empire: Kazak Intermediaries and Russian Rule on the Steppe, 1731-1917”

Zeus’ Rivals: Competing Narratives about the Earliest History of Gods and Men in Archaic Greece

Environments & Societies: Inventing the Holocene: Climate, Deep Time and Civilization

2017 Eugene Lunn Memorial Lecture
Laughter, Seduction and Companionship in Early Modern Spain

Food For Thought w/ Dr. Sara Giordano – ‘Labs of their own’: Post/feminist tinkerings with Science"

Killing Doctors in the War on Syria, Susannah Sirkin
Laughter, Seduction and Companionship in Early Modern Spain

Exploring Dimensions of Community Engaged Scholarship
Marc Johnson and Aebhric Coleman in Conversation

Un-Stories: A Performance by the DHI Research Cluster on Research, Narrative, and Performance
Austerity Blues: Fighting for the Soul of Public Higher Education
PhD Unlimited Lunchtime Series: Resume Clinic
Cluster on Language Research presents: Dr. Meredith Tamminga

CANCELLED: DHI Book Chat: The Literary Imagination in Jewish Antiquity by Eva Mroczek

Environments & Societies: Eco-Philology: Literary Studies in a Collapsing World
The Culture of Secular Stagnation

Cuban Music: Notes and Notables since 1959

Japanese Interned in Siberia

Michael Kimmelman: Reflecting on Portraits in an Age of Politics
Black Radical Reading: Creating a Digital Resource

Levine Family Fund 2016-17 Lecture Series

Davis Feminist Film Festival
Stories on Stage Davis: Emily Masuda and Madeline Gobbo
Shifting Boundaries of Decency in Weimar Germany, a Talk by Edward R. Dickinson

2018-19 Fulbright U.S. Student Program Information Meeting with JP Delplanque

Jane Landers, "Before Toussaint: French Negroes, Rebels, and Royalists in Spanish Sources"
Faculty Diversity Internship Program Information Session

Sacred Sound and the Affective Registers of World-Making: Sikhs in the Indian Ocean World
Feminist Research Across the Disciplines
Universal Design for Learning: Reaching Learners with Diverse Needs by Creating Flexible Courses, Activities, and Assessments

(Re)Sounding Bodies: A Research Symposium

Japanese Interned in Siberia (2nd talk)

Study Session for Graduate Students of Color

Art Studio Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Sondra Perry

“BODY ELECTRIC 1.2” electroViolet

Film Fest @ UC Davis 2017
(Re)Sounding Bodies: A Research Symposium

7th Annual DE in Feminist Theory & Research Graduate Student Research Symposium

Designing Transparent Assignments
(Re)Sounding Bodies: A Research Symposium

Sites of Religious Practice- a Religious Studies Undergraduate Research Conference

Tenth West Coast Plato Workshop: Plato’s Gorgias

History Graduate Student Conference

India in the Artist’s Eye Festival: Persistence Resistance – When Women Write
Sites of Religious Practice- a Religious Studies Undergraduate Research Conference

Tenth West Coast Plato Workshop: Plato’s Gorgias

History Graduate Student Conference
Teaching in Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities Workshops and Recruitment Event

John Smolenski, "Origins Stories, or, What’s so Funny About Peace, Violence, and American Exceptionalism"

Rhetoric@Davis: What’s Next?

Design Undergraduate Senior Showcase 2017 Begins

Promoting Academic Integrity: Managing and Responding to Cheating and Other Forms of Misconduct
Why Draw Flowers? Botanical Art and Gender in Israeli Culture

Problem Solving with Data Science un-Seminar: “Data Bodies at Play”

Playing Games with Music Theory

The 2017 Sheffrin Lecture in Public Policy, with Ron Haskins
Cluster on Language Research presents: Dr. Robert Blake

Kevis Goodman (Berkeley), "’A Multitude of Causes’: Eighteenth-Century Medicine, Aesthetics, and Symptomatic Reading (Then)"

Damon Young on Hetero-sociality and homo-aesthetics in Plein Soleil

Contemporary Chinese Painting
An Open Digital Global South: Risks and Rewards

Andrew Padovani, Immigrants and the Great Divergence

Careers in Publishing
An Open Digital Global South: Risks and Rewards

4th Annual Symposium on Language Research
PhD Unlimited Lunchtime Series: Exploring your Local Job Markets

Graduate Writer’s Retreat + Drop-In Writing Consultation Hours

From Center to Margin: An Open Discussion on Key Graduate Student of Color Issues
Making the Most of Summer: Maximize Writing for Major Projects

Book Reading with Author: Kill the Ampaya! Latin American Baseball Stories

Environments & Societies: Visions in Western Dirt: America’s Plant Explorers and the Fickle Fruit of Scientific Agriculture

Korean Percussion Ensemble

Acting Confucian
     Arts and Music Event

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