2015-16 PhD Unlimited Series

Year: 2015-2016

Friday February 19, 2016 – Bob Reinhardt

Time: 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM
Location: Andrews Conference Room – 2203 Social Sciences and Humanities
Bob Reinhardt, a UCD history Ph.D. (2012), will give a talk titled, “From Environmental History to Public History, By Way of Smallpox Eradication.” This talk is directed primarily at graduate students who would like to hear more about how Bob got his dissertation published with a top press just three years after his Ph.D., and his decision to become a public historian and take a job as executive director of the Willamette Heritage Center in Salem, Oregon.

Thursday April 21, 2016 – Jennifer Stevens

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Location: 228 Voorhies
Dr. Jennifer Stevens, Principal and President of Stevens Historical Research Associates, will speak about her career as a history consultant and entrepreneur. She has worked as a professionally trained historian in environmental litigation and urban planning since 1993.
Dr. Stevens, who completed her Ph.D. in 2008 at UC Davis, has served as an Expert Witness in multiple environmental lawsuits, writing expert reports and testifying on behalf of her clients. Her expertise is in 19th and 20th century land use and water history. Through extensive archival research, Dr. Stevens has uncovered many original documents that have helped clients prove:

  • Historic access rights on federal lands;
  • Historic mining rights;
  • Historic character of watercourses;
  • Historic water use, such as crop types or acreage watered;
  • Culpability in CERCLA negotiations; and
  • Original intent behind contracts and legislation.