Peddling Podcasts

Below is a list of podcasts created by UC Davis faculty, students, and staff.

Anthropology Image Lab: Through monthly conversations between anthropologists, curators, artists, and media scholars, the series examines how images come into being, dwell, and generate difference at the frontiers between the social sciences and the humanities.

The Backdrop: a UC Davis Podcast: The Backdrop podcast is a monthly interview program featuring conversations with UC Davis scholars and researchers working in the social sciences, humanities, arts and culture. Hosted by public radio veteran Soterios Johnson, the conversations feature new work and expertise on a trending topic in the news.

The Dirt: A podcast that brings stories from archaeology and anthropology straight to your ears. Join Dr. Anna Goldfield, a researcher in the UC Davis Anthropology Lab, and co-host Amber Zambelli as they geek out about all things ancient. Each week, Anna and Amber tackle one topic, ranging from Homo floresiensis to hoaxes to honey to handaxes—everything awe-inspiring, weird, wonderful, mysterious, and groundbreaking that the study of our shared human past has to offer, from all over the world.

EM Pulse: A podcast that delves into current topics in Emergency Medicine through fascinating cases, interviews with authors of groundbreaking research, and discussion with clinical experts in adult and pediatric EM.

Hart Hall Podcast: The Hart Hall Podcast sets out to highlight the faculty, staff, and guests of the University of California Davis's Ethnic and Gender/Sexuality Studies Departments housed in Hart Hall Interdisciplinary Programs. The show is hosted by HIP's Daniel Cordova.

Unfold: A UC Davis PodcastUnfold is a podcast that breaks down complicated problems and unfolds curiosity-driven research. Each season, the podcast takes a deep dive into a different topic, including food, climate change, health and curiosity-driven innovation and discovery at UC Davis. Episodes of Unfold offer sound-rich scenes, reporting from the field and interviews with leading researchers, scientists and scholars. Hosted by public radio veteran Amy Quinton and co-host Kat Kerlin.