Podcasting Across the Humanities at UC Davis

Sounding Stories from the Across the Humanities

Welcome to podcasting with the Davis Humanities Institute. The DHI has a wealth of resources for academic podcasters, from those just starting out to even the most seasoned podcast hosts. On our Podcast University page, you can find a series of articles highlighting podcast projects by UC Davis faculty and graduate students. Peddling Podcasts features a list of UC Davis podcasts from across disciplines, from anthropology to emergency medicine and everything in between. We also provide information about podcasting events and workshops and other podcasting resources. Finally, the DHI runs a podcasting lab in Voorhies Hall, which offers a quiet space for recording as well as microphones, recording equipment, and sound editing software. If you are interested in using the DHI podcasting lab, please reach out to DHI's Associate Director, Dr. Katharine Wallerstein at kwallerstein@ucdavis.edu