2019-20 Faculty Research Fellows

Juan Diego Diaz, Music

  • Africanisms in Action: Essentialism and Agency in the Musical Performance of Africa in Bahia, Brazil

Jenny Kaminer, German & Russian

  • Precocious Dreams: Fantasies of Adolescence in Post-Soviet Culture

Justin Leroy, History

  • Freedom’s Limit: Slave Emancipation and Racial Capitalism in the Long Nineteenth Century

Sheldon Lu, Comparative Literature

  • Deterritorialization or Re-territorialization? Rewriting Chinese Film History

Kimberly Nettles-Barcelon, Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies

  • All the Men are Chefs, All the Women are Cooks, But Some of Us are Brave: Black Women Chefs as Cultural Workers

Joseph Sorensen, East Asian Languages & Cultures

  • The Untitled Book and the Beginnings of Literary Criticism in Japan

Julie Wyman, Cinema & Digital Media

  • Dwarf Interventions