Call for Revitalization Research Program Grants

Call for Revitalization Research Program Grants

DEADLINE: January 20, 2023


The Revitalization Research Program Grant is part of a new research investment initiative by the College of Letters and Science for Academic Senate Faculty.  This program is budgeted for five years, with this funding call being the first year.  

These grants are intended to support faculty whose research programs have been impacted by COVID or other exigencies and support the continuation or completion of a stalled, high priority project.  All projects will be expected to be impactful to the disciplinary field and the professional progress of the faculty member.  


Academic Senate Faculty members within the College of Letters and Science who are engaged in an active research program are eligible.  Priority will be given to the Associate Professor rank, although all faculty are encouraged to apply.  Holders of the Chancellor’s Fellowship or Dean’s Faculty Fellowship awards, who are still within their nominal award period, are not eligible to apply given their current campus/college award funding.


Funds are intended to support the faculty member’s efforts in completing or advancing their prioritized research project. Grant awards will range from $5,000 to $20,000, depending on the proposed needs and justification of the funding use.  The funding may include, but is not limited to, items from the following list*: 

  • Support for an undergraduate, graduate, or postdoctoral researcher;
  • Travel support for field work or access to specialized sites, laboratories, archives, or materials;
  • Material or equipment costs, including recharge expenses or instrument user fees;
  • A quarter of course release, provided the Department Chair is supportive and able to meet the curriculum needs of the program.

*Grant funding cannot be used towards the salary of the faculty member.


The application consists of the following five components (single spaced in at least 11pt font with 1 inch margins): 

  • A description (up to 2 pages) of the research project that includes its relevance to the field and its impact on the overall academic record and progress of the applicant; 
  • An itemized budget and budget justification (up to 1 page) that outlines the funding being requested and the use of the funds towards the intended project;
  • The timeline for the project and the outcomes expected;
  • Current CV (up to 2 pages), which should include a list of most relevant publications and/or creative activities from the past 5 years;
  • A statement (up to 300 words) addressing the impact of COVID or other exigencies, and interruption to research


The LS Research Support Committee (RSC) will review and rank the applications based on research merit and quality of the application as part of the first review. The Associate Deans of the Faculty will provide a second review based on the academic record of the faculty member.  


Award funds from this program will have to be used within a year from the award date.  Within 90 days of the end of the award period, the awardee will submit a report (up to 2 pages) on the outcomes and benefit of the awarded revitalization funds.  


Revitalization Research Program Grant decisions will be communicated to applicants before the end of Winter Quarter 2023. 


Submit applications as a single PDF document to:

Questions should be directed to: