Chicanx/Latinx Education Cluster


M. Yianella Blanco, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Alicia Rusoja, Assistant Professor, School of Education
Michael V. Singh, Assistant Professor, Department of Chicana/o Studies


The goal of the Chicanx/Latinx Education cluster is to foster critical dialogues and interdisciplinary collaborations surrounding the theory, research, and practice of Chicanx/Latinx education. The cluster aims to honor the plurality of voices in Chicanx/Latinx education and uncover the range of perspectives, concerns, and dreams of a critical Chicanx/Latinx education. We will meet this objective by (1) organizing an annual winter symposium for and with Chicanx/Latinx education students, (2) advancing this work in ways that are responsive to Chicanx/Latinx students, and (3) developing a Chicanx/Latinx education research line that yields co-authored publications.



January 18, 2024 - First Annual Chicanx and Latinx Education Symposium