The Conversation

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The Conversation is a public online event series that puts UC scholars in dialogue with one another, the community, and students on topics ranging from the removal of confederate monuments to debates about eating right. The hope is that bringing faculty together across the humanities, social sciences, and STEM to examine issues of common interest through their own lenses will generate new questions we may not have thought to ask ourselves.

Democracy in Crisis, Democracy in Movement(s)

A DHI Conversation Series - Fall 2020

The Democracy in Crisis, Democracy in Movement(s) fall Conversation series looks at contemporary crises in democracy globally and at social justice movements that have thrown new demands at democratic principles and practices. In Women, Voting, and US Empire, Faith Bennett, Katherine Marino, Lisa Matterson, and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu address the mixed legacy of women’s suffrage and ask what voting rights look like in the context of US empire. In Democratic Movements in Times of Crisis, Michael Hardt asks what it means for social movements to claim the mantle of democracy at a time when conventional conceptions of democracy seem ever more tenuous and the institutions that support them ever weaker. In Democracy in Crisis? Wendy Brown and James Vernon ask, among other questions, whether democracies founded in racial subjugation are capable of extirpating the effects of these foundings, and whether neoliberalized capitalism and financialization can be reconciled with democratic governing and public interests. Join the DHI for these timely and urgent discussions on the past, present, and future of democratic practices, principles, and movements in the world today.

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