Critical Hit: Counterplay & Cultural Games Studies

"Critical Hit: Counterplay & Cultural Games Studies" promotes scholarship considering the role and influence of video games and other games media in social, political, racial, and other intersectional contexts. This research cluster intervenes in the gap between the public impact of games on global culture and the rising field of academic game studies. Graduate students meet every two weeks to share research-in-progress. We also host game nights with other student organizations on campus and are planning an interdisciplinary showcase in Spring 2024.
Faculty participants
Professor Gina Bloom, English 
Professor Stephanie Boluk, English / CDM
Professor Patrick Le Mieux, CDM
Professor Colin Milburn, STS / English / CDM
Graduate student participants
Chloe Amaden, Biological Psychology
Francisco Baeza, English
Stacey Baran, English
Benjamin Barrett, Chemistry
Jeff Breitenbuecher, Integrative Pathobiology
Diana Cage, Performance Studies
Esteban Colom, English
Halil Ozgur Demir, Computer Science 
Jasmin Green, Ecology 
Matthew Liu, Civil Engineering 
Luna Loganayagam, English
Evan Manzanetti, English 
Fred Nelson, Ecology
Samuel Pizelo, English
Brian Ramanis, English
Arunpreet Sandhu, Computer Science 
Hawanya Smith, Education
Arvind Sudasrhan, Computer Science
Vergil Valino, Art
Robin Watkins, Statistics
Ryan Wright, English
If any faculty or graduate students wish to participate in the cluster, please send an email to Luna at, with your name and department or program affiliation.