Conference Grant, 2020–21

Event Date

UCHRI Conference Grants provide matching funds to support events that convene scholars (primarily UC faculty) to explore significant and innovative ideas around a particular research topic, being particularly responsive to those intellectual activities that cannot readily occur within existing departmental and programmatic structures. Although the conference model is one such means of engaging in these activities, UCHRI invites interested applicants to consider alternative forms of scholarly gatherings, especially those that result in conversations and projects that have scholarly outcomes beyond the event. This grant is not intended to support annual meetings of professional organizations and groups or ongoing scholarly gatherings.

Applicants must seek funding from outside granting agencies or organizations to secure a match of at least 50% of UCHRI-awarded funds. It is strongly recommended that faculty organizers make requests for matching funds before submitting the application as it may not be possible for home campuses or granting agencies to appropriate funds if the request comes after the announcement of the UCHRI award.

Eligible Applicants: UC Ladder Rank Faculty
Maximum Award: Up to $5,000 (at least 50% of awarded funds must be matched) (up to 8 awards)
Application Deadline: Monday, December 16, 2019
Award Announced (Expected): February 2020
Funding Source: UCHRI/UCOP

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