UC Davis DataLab: Call for 2021 Start-Up Research Project Collaborations

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UC Davis DataLab: Data Science and Informatics is accepting applications from UC Davis Faculty and professional researchers for Start-Up Project Collaborations for the 2021 academic year. These exploratory, or early phase, research projects pair domain area researchers with DataLab’s data scientists in order to test basic hypotheses related to data-driven domain problems. This represents a significant DataLab effort to support researchers with an idea for a data-driven research project, but who lack the technical and data science expertise to carry out the research, to gather data and/or perform preliminary exploration and hypothesis testing. The specific aim of this exploratory work will be to hone or determine the validity of proposed research question(s) relative to the available data, pilot a potential approach, and/or produce pilot results suitable for the joint development of successful proposals for multi-year, collaborative, externally funded research.


Any principal investigators (PIs) from any department at UC Davis and UC Davis Health are eligible to apply.  Postdoctoral scholars and advanced graduate students seeking support for a project may write a proposal but require support and engagement from their faculty mentor.


  • Regular consultation with the DataLab directorate;
  • Technical project management by DataLab staff;
  • Up to 40 hours per week of dedicated DataLab staff data scientist time to work on the project (spread across staff and students with different specialties as needed to best support the project);
  • Customized training opportunities for partnering groups on an as needed basis;
  • Access to DataLab compute infrastructure as necessary for completion of the project;
  • Up to $1,500 dollars as needed in fees for licensing data required to complete the proposed project;
  • All project PIs invited to become DataLab Affiliates.
  • (Note: due to the pandemic, access to DataLab physical facilities in Shields Library, including interior office space, is not available at this time.)

Learn more and apply here.

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