Mondavi and DHI Graduate Fellows Awarded for Summer Research

Sahara Desert image from satellite sensor via USGS

The Davis Humanities Institute is delighted to welcome the 2020 Margrit Mondavi and DHI Summer Graduate Fellowship winners. This year's application pool was extremely competitive and unusually large. The 39 proposals came from 16 departments across the arts and humanities. 

We offer congratulations to our winners and the diversity of graduate work their projects represent: 

Gretchen LeMaistre, Studio Art

Mondavi awardee Gretchen LeMaistre documents historical sites in relation to historical narratives in "Museum of Southern History," creating imagery with photography, installation, and her own body in what she terms a "post-documentary" practice. 

Sarah Hart, Performance Studies 

In "Affective Facilitation: Applied Theater in Contexts of Displacement and Violence" Sarah Hart asks: How can applied theatre facilitate a transformation in the affect of a group of people and help them feel an embodied co-presence within contexts of displacement and violence?

Zunaira Komal, Cultural Studies 

In "Psychiatric Life of Azad Kashmir: Healing, Liberation, and Islam" Zunaira Komal interrogates the deep entanglement of psychiatry with the military occupation of Azad Kashmir, a part of the disputed territory divided between India and Pakistan. 

Alejandra Cano, Native American Studies 

With her project "Embodied Knowledge: The Archive that Conserves Native Honeybees," Alejandra Cano conducts collaborative research with the Embera de Chigorodó in Columbia to share their knowledge about honeybees, expressed through dance, song, storytelling, and ceremony, in order to provide applicable solutions to pollinator decline. 

María José Gutiérrez, Spanish & Portuguese 

DHI Summer Graduate Fellowship winner María José Gutiérrez examines untold stories of migration to and from Ecuador in "Mobile Archives: Affect, Migration, and Storytelling in Twentieth Century Ecuador," highlighting overlooked affective and embodied dimensions of mobility. 

Congratulations to all!