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Ariana Reines

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Born in Salem, Massachusetts, poet, playwright, and translator Reines earned a BA from Barnard College, and completed graduate work at both Columbia University and the European Graduate School, where she studied literature, performance, and philosophy. Her books of poetry include The Cow (2006), Coeur de Lion (2007), Mercury (2011), Thursday (2012), Beyond Relief (2013), The Origin of the World (2014), Ramayana (2015), Tiffany's Poems (2015), and A Sand Book (2019). Her poems have been anthologized in Corrected Slogans (2013), Miscellaneous Uncatalogued Materials (2011), Against Expression (2011), and Gurlesque (2010). Known for her interest in bodily experience, the occult, new media, and the possibilities of the long or book-length form, Reines has been described as “one of the crucial voices of her generation” by Michael Silverblatt on NPR’s Bookworm.

The Creative Writing Program of the UC Davis Department of English is expanding its reading series with online and in-person readings by visiting writers, creative writing Master of Fine Arts candidates, lecturers in the Creative Writing Program, and projects created in collaboration with art and music students.

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