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Arts & Humanities 2020 Graduate Exhibition

The annual College of Letters and Science Graduate Student Exhibition of creative works by 29 students in seven programs (art, design, art history, creative writing, music, Native American studies, cultural studies) will be held onl

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Shelter in Place(making)

Do we need physical spaces for creative placemaking? Can we manage to create a sense of community while being geographically separated due to COVID-19?

UC Wide Virtual Career Fair

Meet nationwide hiring representatives real-time in a live virtual setting at the UC Wide Virtual Career Fair! This fair will include non-technical internship and full-time opportunities in a wide variety of industries.

Research in the time of COVID-19 Discussion

Many of us have been wrestling with the logistical, financial, political, and moral implications of conducting research in a time of COVID-19. Those of us working at the intersection of social and ecological problems may also be facing unique challenges to our fieldwork plans.

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