Cancelled // Book Birthday Party: The Military-Entertainment Complex by Tim Lenoir and Luke Caldwell

Tim Lenoir's book, the Military-Entertainment Complex, wearing a party hat

Event Date

Social Sciences & Humanities 1246

This event will be rescheduled for a future date by the STS Program. 

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In Winter and Spring of 2020, the Technocultural Futures Research Cluster is hosting a series of "book birthday parties,” where we gather to celebrate and discuss books recently written by our amazing faculty. These events provide a platform for students and faculty at Davis to do a bit of self-examination, to understand and discuss what makes our scholarship at the intersections of media, technology and STS so unique.

Our second event of the year will celebrate the first birthday of Tim Lenoir and Luke Caldwell's The Military-Entertainment Complex, on Thursday, February 20th from 4:30-6:30pm in SSH 1246. The first seven graduate students to RSVP will receive a gift-wrapped copy of The Military-Entertainment Complex.

Think of this event like an extra-festive reading group. After a short introduction, we’ll spend the first 45 minutes on a Q&A session with Tim about the book. The second hour will be more of a celebration, with fruit, cake and party hats for attendees.

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