Book Chat with Eric Louis Russell

Book cover for The Discursive Ecology of Homophobia with an image of shirtless men brandishing torches

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International House (10 College Park, Davis, CA 95616)

Through an analysis of the discourse practices of populist Far Right groups in France, Italy and Belgian Flanders, The Discursive Ecology of Homophobia makes a ground-breaking contribution to our understanding of homophobic discourse. It proposes an innovative heuristic for the conceiving of the interplay of language, context and culture: discourse ecology. Eric Louis Russell brings linguistic theories, methods, and ways of understanding and thinking about language to a study of the overt and covert homophobic discourses of three non-Anglophone populist movements, and grounds the interpretation of such practices in observable data. This book encourages us all to reconsider the power we give language in our activism and scholarship, as well as in our private lives.

The UC Davis Humanities lnstitute's Book Chat series celebrates the artistic and intellectual ventures of our faculty and allows them to share their new publications, performances, or recordings with the Davis community. Please join us for a dialogue with the author, moderated by Humanities Institute Director and Professor Jaimey Fisher. 

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