Collective Songwriting Workshop Facilitated by Martha Gonzalez

Martha Gonzalez (Scripps/Claremont College)
Martha Gonzalez (Scripps College)

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Mondavi Jackson Hall

A song as a sonic and literary manifestation is life’s soundscape, a unique, cathartic memento as well as a powerful political tool. A song can also be an important historical text. A person’s testimonio (testimony), life views, triumphs, aphorisms, and struggles can be expressed in song lyrics. In this way, song lyrics can transmit ways of knowing and theorizing about life. It can also be viewed as alternative ways of creating knowledge. When practiced in community, songwriting can be a powerful exercise in consensus building and collective knowledge production. 

This event is facilitated by Martha Gonzalez. No music experience is required, just open minds and hearts! But... if you play an instrument... bring it!


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