Panel on Racial Capitalism and Finance Speakers: Emilie Connolly and Tamara Nopper

Racial Capitalism
Racial Capitalism

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Voorhies 126

Emilie Connolly is a historian of Indigenous North America, the history of capitalism, and the 19th-century United States. Her book manuscript, “Fiduciary Colonialism: Indian Trust Funds and the Routes of American Capitalism,” examines how the federal government became both dispossessor of and trustee to the continent’s first peoples. The project argues that federal trusteeship, often cast as a benevolent practice, in fact advanced an imperial strategy named “fiduciary colonialism”: a form of territorial acquisition and population management carried out through the expansion of administrative control over Indigenous wealth.

Tamara K. Nopper’s teaching and research focuses on the intersection of economic, racial, and gender inequality, with a particular emphasis on entrepreneurship, banking, globalization, and urban development. Her publications have examined immigrant entrepreneurship, minority business development, the globalization of ethnic banking, and Asian American communities. Her current work looks at Korean immigrant entrepreneurship and post-Civil Rights era minority politics. She earned her Ph.D. in sociology at Temple University.

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