UC Davis Humanities Research Leadership Academy Pilot Program Focus Group

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The UC Davis Humanities Institute, in conjunction with the Office of Research, is making plans to create a Research Leadership Academy (RLA) for the arts and humanities. An RLA is a training program for faculty to help them develop the skills they need to successfully establish, administer, and lead large collaborative grants. We envision this pilot RLA as a two-year program, with the first year devoted to workshops and trainings, and the second to the implementation of projects.

While there is an abundance of RLAs emerging across the nation, coinciding with a move toward more collaborative funding mechanisms on the part of grant institutions, none of the existing RLAs focus on the arts and humanities, despite the fact that the funding landscape for these disciplines is moving toward collaborative opportunities just as they are in STEM. The UC Davis initiative would set the first example of a humanities- and arts-focused leadership academy, adopting a structure that will very specifically address the challenges facing arts and humanities faculty in moving toward a collaborative model of scholarly work.

We invited interested faculty to join one of two focus groups to determine the particular needs and wishes of Davis faculty in this area. If you would like to take part in this discussion, please email DHI Associate Director Katharine Wallerstein (kwallerstein@ucdavis.edu), indicating if you would like to join the session on Tuesday June 9 from 1-2pm

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