Un-Workshop on ESRI StoryMaps


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Room 360 Shields Library

Join the Spatial Sciences Research Cluster, the community discussion branch of #maptimeDavis, for an Un-Workshop on ESRI StoryMaps, Tuesday 2/18 10:00-12:00 in the Data Lab Classroom, room 360 Shields Library! 

What is StoryMaps?  StoryMaps allows you to tell a story using text, multimedia contents (images, sound, videos, etc.), and interactive maps that you can share online.  It can be an excellent tool for communicating your research with the public, stakeholders, or within your own research group.

We’ll be working through some of the ESRI training materials as a group (no formal presenter) to learn the basics of working with the StoryMaps platform and to understand better its capabilities.  Because StoryMaps is an online tool, it should work with all computer operating systems, however, you will need to have a UCD Kerberos Login or other access to an ESRI license.  People with a range of experience with GIS or StoryMaps are welcome.  If you have a StoryMap you’d like to share, please come and share it – work in progress is encouraged!

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