Woven Air: Dhakai Jamdani Textile From Bangladesh

Jamdani Textile samples from Woven Air Exhibition (UC Davis)

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UC Davis Design Museum

“Woven Air: Dhakai Jamdani Textile From Bangladesh,” an exhibition of traditional Bangladeshi textiles noted for a weaving technique that creates surface decorations, opens at the UC Davis Design Museum on Oct. 3. This exhibition features fine-count Jamdani, the ornate textile that has experienced a revival in Bangladesh. Jamdani artisans employ the same weaving techniques of two different thread densities, with the denser wrap thread inlaid with the fine warp thread to create tactile motifs and designs that are primarily flowers. Mon-Fri, noon-4 p.m. Free. Cruess Hall

For more information please contact: Michael G. French mgfrench@ucdavis.edu

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