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Graduate Student Workshop: Are You Engaged?

Your research matters to people beyond the university, but it can be difficult to articulate how. This workshop is designed to help you frame your goals and objectives, understand your audience, and put your research in conversation to tel a compelling story. Complimentary lunch is included. 

  • Student Community Center, Room D
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A Quiet Revolution: Building a Black Farmer Movement

Within the southern region of the United States lies a rural landscape called the Black Belt, a sub-region that was formed through the enforcement of a racially-based exclusionary politics to support an extractive agrarian enterprise and secure power for an elite minority.

Book Chat with Eric Louis Russell

Through an analysis of the discourse practices of populist Far Right groups in France, Italy and Belgian Flanders, The Discursive Ecology of Homophobia makes a ground-breaking contribution to our understanding of homophobic discourse.

  • International House (10 College Park, Davis, CA 95616)
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Creative Writing Reading Series: Aisha Sabatini Sloan

Aisha Sabatini Sloan is author of the essay collections Dreaming of Ramadi in Detroit and The Fluency of Light: Coming of Age in a Theater of Black and White. Sloan’s writing about race and current events is often coupled with analysis of art, film and pop culture.