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Research in the time of COVID-19 Discussion

Many of us have been wrestling with the logistical, financial, political, and moral implications of conducting research in a time of COVID-19. Those of us working at the intersection of social and ecological problems may also be facing unique challenges to our fieldwork plans.

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UC Wide Virtual Career Fair

Meet nationwide hiring representatives real-time in a live virtual setting at the UC Wide Virtual Career Fair! This fair will include non-technical internship and full-time opportunities in a wide variety of industries.

Antigone: NOW!

The ancient Greek tragedy "Antigone" gets a radical and reimagined filmed version with "Antigone: NOW!" Due to COVID-19, the production was created collaboratively by artists in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan and

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Shelter in Place(making)

Do we need physical spaces for creative placemaking? Can we manage to create a sense of community while being geographically separated due to COVID-19?

Crafting the “New Normal” of Research Culture

What will be the “new normal” for our research practices? I invite you to join me at our next Asking Different Questions meeting to discuss how this moment offers us new ways of thinking about our research motivations, practices, and directions.

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Digital Humanities Advancement Grants (DHAG)

Digital Humanities Advancement Grants (DHAG) support innovative, experimental, and/or computationally challenging projects at different stages throughout their lifecycles, from early start-up phases through implementation and sustainability.